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This database dives into statistics on teen birth rates and connected issues in the state of Pennsylvania. All information was retrieved from unless otherwise specified and is the latest available publication containing data up until 2013. 

Also check out the page with timelines about these topics, ranging from 2006-2013. Find the spreadsheet with selected data here.


  • Throughout Pennsylvania, teen birth rates are relatively low (compared to the national average) and the rates do not differ a lot between the state's counties.

  • The county with both the highest percentage and the highest absolute number of teen births is Philadelphia. Philadelphia actually stands out in the state in almost all respects: it is the only predominantly african-american county of the state; it has the highest percentage of newborns with low birthweigth; the highest percentage of people living in poor health; the second-highest percentage of children living in poverty; and it has the highest income inequality ratio in the state.

Teen Births

Teen birth rates spread out evenly throughout Pennsylvania but Philadelphia stands out.

From the most northwestern county Erie down to Philadelphia, the state of Pennsylvania has a pretty even distribution of teen birth rates in its counties. Some smaller counties stand out with percentages of around 1% but the real outlier in the state is Philadelphia: both in absolute number (20,636 teen births) and in percentage (5.10% of all births) the county has the highest rate in teen births of the state.

Percentage of teen births per county

Page Title
Teen Births
Teen Birth %
Adams6632.50%Adams County, PA, USA
Allegheny59592.20%Allegheny County, PA, USA
Armstrong4172.90%Armstrong County, PA, USA
Beaver9882.70%Beaver County, PA, USA
Bedford2852.80%Bedford County, PA, USA
Berks34753.20%Berks County, PA, USA
Blair9303.20%Blair County, PA, USA
Bradford4663.40%Bradford County, PA, USA
Bucks16031.10%Bucks County, PA, USA
Butler6341.40%Butler County, PA, USA
Cambria8772.70%Cambria County, PA, USA
Cameron383.30%Cameron County, PA, USA
Carbon3512.80%Carbon County, PA, USA
Centre3110.60%Centre County, PA, USA
Chester15791.30%Chester County, PA, USA
Clarion2361.80%Clarion County, PA, USA
Clearfield4572.70%Clearfield County, PA, USA
Clinton2281.90%Clinton County, PA, USA
Columbia3841.60%Columbia County, PA, USA
Crawford6022.60%Crawford County, PA, USA
Cumberland9481.60%Cumberland County, PA, USA
Dauphin22883.80%Dauphin County, PA, USA
Delaware30262.00%Delaware County, PA, USA
Elk1642.50%Elk County, PA, USA
Erie24313.20%Erie County, PA, USA
Fayette11264.00%Fayette County, PA, USA
Forest182.10%Forest County, PA, USA
Franklin11403.40%Franklin County, PA, USA
Fulton1013.20%Fulton County, PA, USA
Greene3013.20%Greene County, PA, USA
Huntingdon2842.70%Huntingdon County, PA, USA
Indiana3841.30%Indiana County, PA, USA
Jefferson3573.50%Jefferson County, PA, USA
Juniata1162.20%Juniata County, PA, USA
Lackawanna12132.40%Lackawanna County, PA, USA
Lancaster32842.50%Lancaster County, PA, USA
Lawrence6513.10%Lawrence County, PA, USA
Lebanon9623.20%Lebanon County, PA, USA
Lehigh28243.30%Lehigh County, PA, USA
Luzerne21403.00%Luzerne County, PA, USA
Lycoming8663.30%Lycoming County, PA, USA
McKean3703.60%McKean County, PA, USA
Mercer7502.60%Mercer County, PA, USA
Mifflin3543.60%Mifflin County, PA, USA
Monroe8131.60%Monroe County, PA, USA
Montgomery22441.30%Montgomery County, PA, USA
Montour742.00%Montour County, PA, USA
Northampton15142.10%Northampton County, PA, USA
Northumberland6113.30%Northumberland County, PA, USA
Perry3283.20%Perry County, PA, USA
Philadelphia206365.10%Philadelphia County, PA, USA
Pike1891.30%Pike County, PA, USA
Potter1524.00%Potter County, PA, USA
Schuylkill8773.10%Schuylkill County, PA, USA
Snyder2211.90%Snyder County, PA, USA
Somerset3702.40%Somerset County, PA, USA
Sullivan312.30%Sullivan County, PA, USA
Susquehanna2522.70%Susquehanna County, PA, USA
Tioga3212.70%Tioga County, PA, USA
Union1781.40%Union County, PA, USA
Venango4063.50%Venango County, PA, USA
Warren2392.70%Warren County, PA, USA
Washington10172.20%Washington County, PA, USA
Wayne1891.80%Wayne County, PA, USA
Westmoreland14101.80%Westmoreland County, PA, USA
Wyoming1943.00%Wyoming County, PA, USA
York30493.10%York County, PA, USA

Percentage of teen births: births per 100 teens (age 15-19). Source: County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

Top 20 Pennsylvania counties in Teen Birth %

Comparing nationwide

Nationwide, Pennsylvania's average of 19.3 births per 1,000 teens is well below the average 24.2 births per 1,000 teens. Southern states on average have the highest rates of teen births, with Oklahoma and Arkansas topping the list with 38.5 and 39.5 teen births per 1,000 teen women respectively. Pennsylvania does stand out however, with the highest teen birth rate of all northeastern states.

Teen birth rates are dropping in almost every Pennsylvania county

Showing the change of the percentage of teen births, measured between 2006 and 2013. Source: County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.


Teen birth percentages in Pennsylvania seem evenly spread throughout the state, both in rural and urban communities

Showing the teen birth percentage for each county. The color of the bubbles indicate if the population of the county is predominantly urban (50% or higher) or predominantly rural (50% or higher). Source: County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. 

Rural communities don't tend to have teen birth rates much different from urban ones.

No correlations between teen birth rates and race, although Philadelphia stands out as the only county in the state predominantly non-white

Health Factors

Low birthweight percentage in each Pennsylvania county

Correlation between Teen Birth % and Low Birth Weight

Teen Birth % and % Low Birthweight

Top 10 Pennsylvania counties in % Low birthweight

Top 10 Pennsylvania counties with percentage population in fair or poor Health

Correlation between Teen Birth % and Low Health

Teen Birth % and % Population in Fair or Poor Health

Economic Factors

Percentage of children in poverty for each Pennsylvania county

Clear correlation between Teen Birth % and Poverty

Counties with high teen birth rates tend to also have a high percentage of children living in poverty. An outlier in this respect in Pennsylvania is Forest county: while this county has a relatively low teen birth percentage, its percentage of children living in poverty is the highest of the state.

Teen Birth % and % Children in Poverty

Top 10 Pennsylvania counties in percentage of children in poverty

Correlation between Teen Birth % and Income Inequality

Comparing teen births and median household incomes shows a negative correlation between the two: the trend in the scatterplot below shows the higher the median household income in a county is, the lower the teen birth rates tend to be. The county with the lowest teen birth rate of the state is however an outlier. The data shows no correlation between income inequality and teen births. Although Philadelphia county has both the highest teen birth rate and the highest inequality ratio of the state, the county with the lowest teen birth rate has the second-highest inequality ratio of the state.

Teen Birth % and Median Household Income

Teen Birth % and Income Inequality Ratio

Education Factors

Education and teen birth rates seem very much correlated. Counties with a high percentage of highschool graduations tend to have lower teen birth rates. A bit less strong, but still significant, is the correlation between teen births and the percentage of people with some college education. Here again Forest county stands out with both a comparatively low teen birth rate and a low percentage of college-goers.

Correlation between Teen Birth % and Education level

Teen Birth % and % Highschool Graduation

Lowest 10 counties in Pennsylvania in percentage of college attendance 

Teen Birth % and % Some College

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